Speaker & Lecturer

Leveling the playing field

The creative industries are fascinating, but they have one major problem: complex legal and economic relationships often lead to an imbalance of power. As a speaker and lecturer, I want to help create a level playing field – because knowledge is power.

That’s why I take part in forward-looking discussions at national and international level, provide background knowledge and classify complex issues. My topics range from copyright and tech law to leadership topics in the creative industries.

From leadership topics and it’s challenges in the creative industries to music / tech law

In panels, keynotes and articles, I share my expertise and experiences on digital music licensing, especially on complex topics such as “user generated content”, “user centric accounting” or artificial intelligence.

I am also passionate about topics such as corporate and team culture, developing potential, expert leadership and diversity & inclusion.

As a long-standing lecturer, I provide practical and behind-the-scenes insights into license law.

Some of my favorite topics:

  • How does music licensing law become understandable – from the basic to “user generated content” to “user centric accounting”?
  • How can innovative top performance be achieved with small, diverse teams?
  • How can the proportion of women in leadership positions in the music industry be increased?
  • As a leader, how can I create and maintain a mentally healthy, diverse and inclusive work environment?
  • How can I be authentic as a member of a minority and develop my own leadership style?