Integral Business Coach

Leadership in the creative industries

Leadership in the creative industries requires top performance from managers. This performance has an impact on the entire company – because managers who know themselves well and can lead in a targeted manner create productive teams.

I am convinced that companies make faster progress, think bigger and achieve more when their managers actively work on themselves. However, honest feedback and exchanges at eye level are rare, especially in management positions.

Patience, optimism and adaptability

These three qualities make change possible. As an integral business coach with an intersectional perspective, I support a new, differentiated view of challenges. With my experience from top-level positions in the creative industries, I can help people to recognize and use their own potential, even in crises.

My focus is on three areas:

  • Coaching top executives in business support functions.
  • Supporting professionals in their development from expert to top manager.
  • Female executives at the top level

High performance in and beyond business

My integral coaching approach includes the professional, emotional, mental and physical levels of a person. This holistic approach ensures that high performance does not end in business and reaches all aspects of someone’s life.


As a business mediator, integral business coach and experienced negotiation strategist, I am familiar with the different levels and phases of conflicts and negotiations. With my experience, I can contribute to clarification.
In addition to conducting mediations, I also offer workshops and training courses on conflict issues in business. I trained at the Mediationsakademie Berlin.


Some topics from my practice

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Brainstorming and strategy development
  • Preparation for presentations, meetings, events and offsites
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Supporting transformation processes
  • Successful, long-term goal setting