Leadership in law and business in the creative industries

“How to lead and negotiate successfully in the creative industries?”
“What are the challenges of complex global license agreement negotiations on digital topics?”
“How can a fairer and more transparent distribution of income from creative services be achieved in the long term?”
“What makes diverse, innovative teams that work together in a hybrid way successful in the long term?”

As a LAWYER, SPEAKER and BUSINESS COACH, I combine business with leadership and shape change in the creative industries.
I lead cross-functional teams to peak performance in a diverse and innovative working environment. For this, I have been recognized several times by Billboard Magazine as an “International Power Player”, “Top Music Lawyer” and one of the “Women in Music”.



I am a lawyer specializing in copyright and media law. My focus? Digital global licensing law in the creative industries, especially in the music industry.

Whether at SoundCloud, BMG or Constantin Film: I have been working as a manager in companies for many years. I build diverse and solution focused driven teams and lead them through cross-functional complex international negotiations.



Sharing my expertise on the complex legal and economic contexts of the creative industries is important to me in order to contribute to a level playing field – Knowledge is power.

As a speaker, I provide background knowledge, classify facts and participate in forward-looking discussions. As a lecturer, I provide practical insights. My topics range from copyright and tech law to leadership topics in the creative industries.

Business Coach

Patience, optimism and adaptability

… these are the forces that make change possible. As an integral business coach with an intersectional perspective, I support managers at eye level. with my learnings from top-level positions, I help them to recognize and use their own potential, inner strength and creativity.

As a business mediator and experienced negotiation strategist, I am familiar with the different levels and phases of conflict. With my experience, I can contribute to clarification. In addition to mediation, I offer workshops and training on conflict issues in business.